Snail Garden

Our Snail Garden! Today i went out on a snail hunt with the children as part of our bug/minibeast project. They loved setting up a temporary snail home, helping to find the snails and the materials for their new home. Some of the children enjoyed holding the snails and learning about their features. “It’s cold, it’s tickling me”. Throughout the day children would check in to see how the snails were doing “it’s climbing the stick I found” this was a great learning opportunity for the children


Foam Play

Foam Play is a great activity for creative development and sensory experience. The children really enjoyed exploring the shaving foam and adding different coloured water colours and paints. Through sensory experiences the children are able to respond to what they see, feel, touch and smell. Foam Play also builds on communication skills being able to express their thoughts through colour and texture. During messy play there are plenty of key opportunities for children to speak and also listen to others. All staff ensure they ask lots of open-ended questions to encourage the children’s thinking skills.


Ice Play

The children loved our science experiment of arctic ice play today with sea creatures. Building on the children’s interest, the children sprinkled the salt onto the ice while listening for the crackling sounds as the ice popped and cracked. The children choose tools and other creatures to help free dolphins and whales from the ice. This lasted for 45 minutes before the activity was extended by the children into water play and imaginary life in the sea. Science, water play and fine motor development all wrapped into one icy fun activity.


Play Dough

At Pebbles we often make play dough of different colours and smells. As well as being fun, play dough has a lot of learning opportunities. It is extremely fun for exploration and investigation as well as secretly building strength in the children’s hands while being squeezed, cut, rolled and poked. This all helps children’s physical development/fine motor skills and also helps towards good pencil and scissor control later on. Not to mention the hand-eye coordination and concentration skills. The creative possibilities with play dough are endless and can build on many other areas of learning such as communication, creative skills, imagination, maths and literacy development.

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