Sing and Sign

Sing and Sign - At Pebbles we hold the nursery affiliation with sing and sign. We use signing throughout the whole of the nursery. We encourage the use of simple keyword signing alongside normal speech and use the sing and sign approach to enhance communication between babies, children and staff. Here is Jessy cat with one of our babies. We use Jessy alongside the sing and sign cd’s and dvd’s. All of our children are becoming confident signers within nursery.


Cloud Dough

The children really enjoyed exploring the cloud dough, a simple activity that allows children to use and develop their imagination. The children explored the cloud dough using their hands, pretending it was snowing. Open-ended questions were used such as: “what does it feel like”, “what can we make” “where does snow come from”. This then developed their play further making snowmen and mountains. The snow then “melted” and the children added bowls, spoons, cups and utensils to create a dough kitchen.



This is Pebbles our nursery fish. Pebbles is loved by all the children, they enjoy helping to feed him and clean out his tank. The children learn to treat animals and fish with care and learn about their health and well-being.

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