Meals and Snacks

Children’s Meals and Snacks

We offer a rolling snack twice throughout the day (around 10am and 2pm) giving children the opportunity to continue to play until they are ready to have their snack. We have lunch at 12pm and tea at 4pm. At your request we can supply your child with a hot meal at lunch time for a small fee of £2.40. Meal times are an enjoyable and social time of the day. Children are encouraged to say please and thank you and learn to use their knife and fork independently.

Lunch is prepared and cooked on the premises daily and includes fresh meat and vegetables. (See Menu below)


Breakfast time at nursery is a fun, enjoyable and social occasion. Children have the choice of a variety of healthy cereals, yogurts or toast for breakfast. They are encouraged to have independence in selecting their breakfast, pouring their cereal, buttering their toast and pouring their own drinks. Children enjoy and feel a sense of pride carrying out these tasks for themselves as well as learning about their health and well-being.

Snack Time

Snack time is another social gathering within nursery. We have a rolling snack twice throughout the day. Children are encouraged to be independent and help to cut up some fruits while counting the sections and pouring their own drinks. Children hand out cups and bowls and are asked questions throughout snack time. For example how many bowls and cups do we need? How many pieces of fruit will we need? We encourage children to select quantities: Would you like to three pieces of banana? We sing three songs throughout snack time “Soap and water”, “Please and thank you” and “Tell me have you washed your hands”. Signing is also used through the songs and for selecting each fruit.

Lunchtime Menu

Click here to see the Menu.

Food Standards Hygiene

Pebbles Daycare are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating.

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