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Baby Building Blocks

Baby Building blocks are readily available for the babies. They enjoy learning to stack bricks and create their own structures and music by banging bricks together and learn to build on their hand-eye coordination.


Phonics Display Activity

Here are the children decorating the letters for our phonic display activity. Children enjoyed being independent in gluing and sticking their letters. The children were able to identify some of the letters with meaning to them (eg. The letter of their name). This also builds on their physical development/fine motor skills as well as their literacy and creative skills. We do letters and sounds daily at nursery which consists of sounds, rhyming, letters and letter formation. The children really enjoy the letter phonics songs which is why we have set up a display with a theme to represent some of the letters.


Sand Play

Sand play is another great sensory experience. Sand is used for a variety of activities. Children select resources to add to the sand each day such as dinosaurs, cars, cups and spoons etc. This is also used for letter writing, copying different letters from name cards into the sand. Children love exploring with their hands, watching which actions make different marks in the sand. They love to fill and empty containers as well as make a variety of different shaped sand castles. sand play is one of the favourite activities here at Pebbles.


Pasta Threading

Pasta threading is really enjoyed in the garden, sitting in the sunshine developing their fine motor and concentration skills. Children work hard to thread different cotton reels and shapes onto pasta. They also enjoy making pasta necklaces and bracelets. Children can learn colours and shapes throughout this process. Pasta threading is also a great indoor activity.


Baby Story Time

Books are always available to the babies. We believe books should be introduced to children at a young age. The babies look at books independently and have group stories at baby story time and puppet times. This can be a good social time for the babies as they point to what they see and learn new words from copying and repeating the names in the pictures.


Building Blocks

Building blocks are part of our everyday play. Children enjoy learning to stack while building on their creative, concentration and thinking skills. We often add building blocks to extend the children’s interest. For example here they have been added to the dinosaurs. The children are building dens and making cars for the dinosaurs to ride on.


Mud Kitchen

The mud kitchen has been a big hit with the children at nursery. This is great for imaginary play. Children enjoy filling and transferring mud into different containers, pots and pans, cooking mud pies and soups.


Sing and Sign

Sing and Sign - At Pebbles we hold the nursery affiliation with sing and sign. We use signing throughout the whole of the nursery. We encourage the use of simple keyword signing alongside normal speech and use the sing and sign approach to enhance communication between babies, children and staff. Here is Jessy cat with one of our babies. We use Jessy alongside the sing and sign cd’s and dvd’s. All of our children are becoming confident signers within nursery.


Cloud Dough

The children really enjoyed exploring the cloud dough, a simple activity that allows children to use and develop their imagination. The children explored the cloud dough using their hands, pretending it was snowing. Open-ended questions were used such as: “what does it feel like”, “what can we make” “where does snow come from”. This then developed their play further making snowmen and mountains. The snow then “melted” and the children added bowls, spoons, cups and utensils to create a dough kitchen.



This is Pebbles our nursery fish. Pebbles is loved by all the children, they enjoy helping to feed him and clean out his tank. The children learn to treat animals and fish with care and learn about their health and well-being.

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