Baby Room

Baby Room

Our baby room offers a calm and warming environment for babies from three months to the age of two years. Children will transition down into the main hall at the age of two or when ready to move down. We also follow the EYFS for this age although all targets are based on developmental milestones such as eye contact, rolling, sitting, crawling, walking etc. The baby room offers a safe space to move around and socialize with the other babies. The older children go into the baby room to “help out” and socialize with the babies, both the babies and older children really enjoy this.

Throughout the day we follow each baby’s individual home routine such as feeding and sleep times, as requested by the parents.  We have a sleep room where each child has their own individual sleep box, containing a sheet and blanket which is washed regularly.

Sleep Room

Here is our sleep room. We provide a calming and relaxing environment that allows the children to sleep and rest after a busy day of playing and exploring. Sleeping is essential for babies’ health and well-being.

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