All access to the nursery premises is strictly controlled with doors double locked at all times. Anyone collecting children or visiting must ring the bell and will be allowed into the setting once identified by a senior member of staff. Any unknown visitors without id will not be allowed access into the nursery.

We also have a password system where each child has an individual password which is chosen by the parent. This is if parents or carers are unable to collect their child they can inform us of who will be collecting with a description and tell the person the password. This is extra security for your child.

Both of our outside play areas are enclosed and all children and constantly supervised at all times.

We fully understand you need to feel happy and confident that you are leaving your child in a safe and secure environment, and we make this a major priority.

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    Catholic Church Hall
    Fort Road
    East Sussex
    BN9 9QQ

    Telephone: 01273 516099

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